Take Care of Your Termite Problem

Turn to us for termite removal services in Norfolk, VA

If you've noticed pinpoint holes in your walls or piles of sawdust on your floors, you might have an infestation of wood-destroying insects. You'll need a pro to handle the issue in the Norfolk, VA area.

Luckily, with termite removal services from The Brickkicker Of Hampton Roads, you can stop those pests before they have a chance to:

  • Hollow out your foundation or support structures.
  • Cause your floors and ceilings to swell or buckle.
  • Ruin your favorite wood pieces or antique furniture.

You can stop wood-destroying insects in their tracks. Discuss your termite removal needs with us now.

Termite Problem

Moisture in your walls or floors can lead to serious - and expensive - structural problems. You'll prevent costly water damage by scheduling prompt moisture removal services. Our pros will remove damaged materials and replace them with new ones to keep your home sturdy.

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